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Cell Entertainment Announces Things Both Cool And Scary

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March 26, 2002
05:01 PM: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Cell Entertainment Announces Things Both Cool And Scary

In the cool department, there's Hybrid, a 60mm (read: big) scale minis skirmish game that'll be the first to use their "maglock" system as pervasively as it should have been used in the first place. According to flyers distributed at GTS, all weapons and armor will be magnetically attachable and removable, so you still have character-design flexibility after the glue is dry (and when you disarm your opponent, you really disarm your opponent - shades of Z-G!). Also coming out this year is the more futuristic game, inexplicably titled 1999, which is similarly large-scaled but doesn't mention maglock in its promo material, despite all the story business about on-the-fly genetic modifications. And lastly (here's the scary part), something called Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer. Mmm-hm. Scale isn't mentioned on the promo card we have, nor a release date. I hope that isn't the sole direction Cell takes in the wake of its American distribution deal, but I think Hybrid will win some fans, so I'm not too worried. Yet.

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