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Ogre's Choice 2008

Ogre's Choice Awards 2008

Welcome once again to our third annual Ogre's Choice Awards, honoring what we of OgreCave deem to be the best products in the tabletop gaming industry. These are the games we've enjoyed most over the past year, and simply had to seek out, bash over the head, and drag back to our respective lairs.

The Cave Dwellers of OgreCave have had a taste of as many great products over the past year as they could catch. Now that Gen Con Indy has opened a new year of product releases, the time has come to think back, remember the games that rocked, the games that rolled, and the games that were tasty when slow roasted.

As always, the award categories and nominees were selected by OgreCave staff (and affiliated cognoscente), then voted on by same. The nominees and winners are listed below.

For more detailed discussion of this year's Ogre's Choice Awards, you can listen to the 2008 awards episode of the OgreCave Audio Report, our popular game industry podcast show.

On to the awards!

2008 Ogre's Choice Awards
Winners and Runners Up

Best Miniatures Game

  • Warhammer 40K 5th Edition (Games Workshop)
  • Anima (FFG)
  • Classic Battletech Introductory Box Set (Catalyst Game Labs)
*** WINNER: Classic Battletech Introductory Box Set (Catalyst Game Labs) ***

Best Boardgame

  • Battue: Storm of the Horselords (Red Juggernaut)
  • Last Night on Earth (Flying Frog Games)
  • Key Largo (Titanic Games/Paizo Publishing)
  • Agricola (Z-Man Games)
  • Mr Jack (Asmodée Editions)
  • StarCraft (Fantasy Flight Games)
*** WINNER: Agricola (Z-Man Games) ***

Best Card Game

  • Lord of the Fries: Third Edition (Steve Jackson Games)
  • Bacchus' Banquet (Mayfair Games)
  • Zombie Fluxx (Looney Labs)
  • Race for the Galaxy (Rio Grande Games)
  • The Battle for Hill 218 (Your Move Games)
*** WINNER: Zombie Fluxx (Looney Labs) ***

Best Roleplaying Game

  • Steal Away Jordan (Stone Baby Games)
  • Grey Ranks (Bully Pulpit Games)
  • Bliss Stage (Tao Games)
  • Monsters and Other Childish Things (Arc Dream Publishing)
  • Dark Heresy (Fantasy Flight Games)
  • Trail of Cthulhu (Pelgrane Press)
*** WINNER: Bliss Stage (Tao Games) ***

Best RPG Supplement

  • Exemplars of Evil (Wizards of the Coast)
  • Pathfinder: Curse of the Crimson Throne (Paizo Publishing)
  • Don't Lose Your Mind (Evil Hat Productions)
  • Kobold Quarterly (Wolfgang Baur)
*** WINNER: Pathfinder: Curse of the Crimson Throne (Paizo Publishing) ***

Best Collectible Game

*** (No award this year) ***

Best Accessory

  • Harrow Deck (Paizo Publishing)
  • Citadel Paints (Games Workshop)
  • Memoir 44 Campaign Bag (Days of Wonder)
  • Meepile (Simi Game Knights)
*** WINNER: Harrow Deck (Paizo Publishing) ***

Most Influential

*** WINNER: D&D 4th Edition launch ***

State of the Industry Award
Awarded to a trend in the industry, as proven by specific examples.

*** WINNER: Backpedaling (Mutant Chronicles dropping the "collectible" part of CMG; WotC planning GSL revision; etc) ***

OgreCave.com congratulates all of our winners and nominees for 2008 (unless they were proving our point in State of the Industry, in which case, our sympathies). See y'all back here in '09!


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