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Ogre's Choice 2007

Ogre's Choice Awards 2007

Welcome back to our second annual Ogre's Choice Awards, honoring what we of OgreCave deem to be the best products in the tabletop gaming industry. These are the games we've enjoyed most over the past year, and simply had to seek out, bash over the head, and drag back to our respective lairs.

The Cave Dwellers of OgreCave have had a taste of many great products over the past year. Now that Gen Con Indy looms once more, the year of game product releases draws to a close as the new product year is set to begin. So it behooves us to take a fond look back, remember the games that rocked, the dominant trends, and the goodies we snapped up in a frenzy of gaming lust.

The award categories and nominees were selected by OgreCave staff (and affiliated cognoscente), then voted on by same. The nominees and winners are listed below.

For more detailed discussion of this year's Ogre's Choice Awards, you can listen to the 2007 awards episode of the OgreCave Audio Report, our popular game industry podcast show.

On to the awards!

2007 Ogre's Choice Awards
Winners and Runners Up

Best Miniatures Game

  • Warhammer Fantasy Battle (Games Workshop)
  • WarMachine/Hordes (Privateer Press)
*** WINNER: Warhammer Fantasy Battle (Games Workshop) ***

Best Roleplaying Game

  • Star Wars: Saga Edition (Wizards of the Coast)
  • Spirit of the Century (Evil Hat Productions)
  • Faery's Tale (Firefly Press)
*** WINNER: Spirit of the Century (Evil Hat Productions) ***

Best RPG Supplement

  • Complete Scoundrel (Wizards of the Coast)
  • Mutants & Mastermind Ultimate Power Guide (Green Ronin Publishing)
  • Ptolus (Malhavok Press)
*** WINNER: Ptolus (Malhavok Press) ***

Best Boardgame

  • Zooloretto (Rio Grande Games)
  • Colosseum (Days of Wonder)
  • Battlelore (Days of Wonder)
  • Stonehenge (Paizo Publishing)
  • Arkham Horror: The King in Yellow (Fantasy Flight Games)
*** WINNER: Battlelore (Days of Wonder) ***

Best Card Game

  • Figaro (Mayfair/Abacus/Tilsit)
  • Anima (Fantasy Flight Games)
  • To Court the King (Rio Grande/Amigo)
  • Cash 'n Guns (Asmodee)
*** WINNER: To Court the King (Rio Grande/Amigo) ***

Best Collectible Game

  • Axis & Allies: War at Sea (Wizards of the Coast)
  • Magic the Gathering: Future Sight (Wizards of the Coast)
  • Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG (WizKids)
*** WINNER: Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG (WizKids) ***

Best Accessory

  • Start Player (Bezier Games)
  • Ptolus Miniatures line (Paizo Publishing)
  • Critical Hit Deck (Paizo Publishing)
  • Battleground Terrain Pack (Your Move Games)
*** WINNER: Critical Hit Deck (Paizo Publishing) ***

Most Influential

*** WINNER: Gaming podcasts, and their supportive community ***

State of the Industry Award
Awarded to a trend in the industry, as proven by specific examples.

*** WINNER: D&D 4th Edition, for making the whole industry hold its breath in anticipation of it being announced. ***

OgreCave.com congratulates all of our winners and nominees for 2007 (unless they were proving our point in State of the Industry, in which case, our sympathies). See y'all back here in '08!


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