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Pinnacle Finally Finds Lost Colony, Heads For Savage Worlds

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August 05, 2002
03:45 PM: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Pinnacle Finally Finds Lost Colony, Heads For Savage Worlds

So I was scanning for news, thinking how strange it is that there aren't more big Earth-shattering kabooms in press-release-land on the week of Gen Con, when I ran across a note from Pinnacle that casually notes that they're finally doing a Deadlands: Lost Colony core book. Everyone but me probably knew already, but if not, there you go. They also talk about demos of something new - a new roleplaying system, the release of which from a large company inherently shows some sack in the post-d20 era - called Savage Worlds. What has me excited about this is it allegedly isn't just Yet Another System - this one has design differences geared towards running large combats, quickly. I'll tell you right now, a rules system that's substantially faster and can still account for some tactical options could possibly get me back into roleplaying on a regular basis. I'll have to look at these rules and see whether they light my fire. No tangible products have been announced yet, but there's plenty to download.

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