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Revisting: Green Ronin Publishing

Constantly cranking out the hits, Green Ronin Publishing and it's founder, Chris Pramas, have been rather busy lately. In fact, Joe only recently got the answers to several interview questions he posed to Chris a while back. We've posted the answers here, in the form of a quick status check interview. Enjoy!

And if any of this confuses you, read the original interview to get caught up.

How was GenCon? You not only had more info on Mutants & Masterminds, including t-shirts, but new products including the Assassin's Handbook and Book of the Rightous as well.

GenCon was amazing. Our booth was packed, interest was high, and sales were through the roof thanks to Book of the Righteous. We also gave away 25,000 of the Mutants & Masterminds four page preview, which grabbed a lot of attention.

The response to Book of the Righteous has been better than we dared hope. Aaron Loeb, the author, poured a huge amount into that project and it's great to see him getting the recognition he deserves. I have been amazed by the number of people who have written me to say, "This is what Deities and Demigods should have been."

Now that the first OGL Interlink partnered book, Lords of the Peaks, is actually out, did the synergy happen in terms of sales? Did someone who didn't look at Hammer & Helm before pick up that book and go, "Hot damn! Gotta get the first one."?

GenCon was the first place we were able to display the two books side by side and it definitely had an effect. We swapped product with Paradigm, so both booths could display both books. Amusingly enough, the very first GenCon sale at the Green Ronin booth was Lords of the Peaks!

Are there any other Interlink books outside of Paradigm coming along or is it now a wait and see game?

There are none planned right now.

What are your thoughts of Gen Con moving? Will it effect GRP personally?

While there are things about Milwaukee that I'll miss (like Mader's and the African Hut), I think it's a good move for the con. Milwaukee just doesn't have the hotel space to handle it anymore and this has been a problem for many years. GenCon may see a bit of dip in attendence next year, but I've heard very good things about the new facility from friends of mine who worked Star Wars Celebration II and I expect it'll work out just fine in the end. We have to fly to GenCon wherever it is, so it won't really affect us.

We briefly mentioned Mutants & Masterminds. Is this an OGL or D20 superhero game? What type of support can we expect for it?

As we've just announced, Mutants & Masterminds is going OGL. Ultimately, there were too many good reasons to make it a stand alone game, so we decided to forgo the d20 logo. The thing that really sealed the decision was the amount of interest we've gotten from the comic industry (thanks in large part, I think, to the roster of top notch comic artists we used to illustrate the game). While I expect most gamers have a copy of the D&D Player's Handbook, I can't say the same about comic fans. I didn't want people picking up the game at a comic store and then realizing they had to pay another $30 to get the PH.

Support for Mutants & Masterminds will be quite healthy. We are planning six supplements a year and we want the entire line to be full color. The first supplement, Freedom City, comes out in December and it's as big as the core rulebook! After that we'll be releasing an adventure in February and then more fun stuff that I can't talk about right now.

Will any of the Monster Slayer class book wind up on the web or is it all gone the way of the flesh?

We returned the manuscript to the author, so we don't own the material. I recommended he try to turn the work into one or more magazine articles and indeed a couple of weeks ago the Slayer class appeared on d20weekly. Not sure if he intends to do any more with it.

Are there any authors you like to work with on upcoming products?

Now that Jeff Grubb is a free agent, I'd love to do a project with him. Al-Qadim is my favorite of the old TSR settings, so it'd be great to do something with the man behind that gem.

Anything else you'd care to mention about the Con and Green Ronin's future?

Yes. One great thing to come out of GenCon is that Graeme Davis is writing the next Freeport book after Denizens. For those of you who don't know Graeme, he was one of the designers behind Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and the Enemy Within Campaign. He worked on Shadows Over Bogenhafen, which remains the best fantasy city adventure ever in my opinion. We're thrilled to have Graeme working on Freeport.

Also, we're in the last stages of finalizing a deal with Wizards of the Coast that should make some people very happy. Look for an announcement later this month.

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