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Alignments are:
Hot untapped d20 market of the future:
In what format do you prefer adventures to appear?
Have you ever downloaded and played a non-RPG paper game?
Most unjustly neglected roleplaying genre:
How long has your RPG campaign been running?
If an RPG product on a CD-ROM were on your game store's shelf, would you buy it?
Which movie would make the best RPG (besides Lord of the Rings)?
First there was Death in Freeport, then Terror, then Madness. What next?
Do you just play one kind of game, or do your gaming interests cross over into many formats?
What does Devil Bunny really want?
Going to Origins?
What wins?
What will the next big gaming trend be?
Game you are most ashamed to have played:
What's the best way to simulate the Gen Con experience if you can't actually go?
The most important quality of a good (non-Web) game store is:
If I started a new d20 publishing company today, I'd call it:
Hey, should we change the poll?
What would you do with a controversial game like Steve Jackson's Vigilante?
Best game/food combination:
What keeps you up at night?
Do you have any German games in your collection?
Do collectible card games still have a future?
Do you have any candy?
The Slayer's Guide to:

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