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What's the best way to simulate the GenCon experience if you can't actually go?

6.2% : Open a bag of spicy nacho Doritos, insert head, breathe deeply

18.7% : Take all your games down from the shelf, put them in piles, put price tags on them, and watch as nobody buys any

0% : Get a copy of the home game!

15.6% : Rent a PA system, and announce autograph signings every ten minutes while your friends try to talk

3.1% : Build a giant dragonfly out of popsicle sticks and hang it from your ceiling

9.3% : Turn your AC up really high and sleep on your floor

12.5% : Get some female friends to come over wearing Lord of the Rings T-shirts and act snotty to you

34.3% : Don't bathe

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