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Do you just play one kind of game, or do your gaming interests cross over into many formats?

3.5% : I stick with roleplaying/LARP

0% : I stick with miniatures/wargames

0% : I stick with board games and classic card games

0% : I stick with CCGs

10.7% : I play minis and RPGs

10.7% : I play board and card games and RPGs

0% : I play board and card games and CCGs

0% : I play minis and CCGs

0% : I play board and card games and minis

0% : Everything but RPGs

17.8% : Everything but CCGs

3.5% : Everything but minis

7.1% : Everything but simple board and card stuff

39.2% : I play everything

3.5% : I play something you didn't mention

3.5% : I stick with computers, j00 l4m3rs!!! w000t!

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