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Unplugged-gaming rants and raves with the OgreCave staff

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October 26, 2008 - Miniatures and fear, sort of

With Mike and Allan.

In this Halloween-ish episode, miniatures seem to dominate our thoughts. At (2:45), we talk about the recent news that D&D Miniatures will be less randomized and no longer support the skirmish combat game. We discuss what this means for gamers, and for Wizards of the Coast.

Then after talking generally about miniatures games (13:10), we make an initial attempt to define what we feel a cross-training gamer should have on hand – starting with the miniatures category and its various subdivisions. (15:57) At (22:07) we try to clear up where big boardgames like Descent and StarCraft would fit in, category-wise.

In other news, Mike’s interested in the Epic Adventures and Battle Maps scenario packs for BattleLore and Memoir 44, respectively. (29:17) Then we try to bring things around to spooky games: both Super Genius Games and Goodman Games are working on licensed Call of Cthulhu adventures; Do You Worship Cthulhu? (Toy Vault) and The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow (Asmodée) have both crossed our paths lately (34:20); Mike mentions Hunter: The Vigil (White Wolf) along with a vague notion that he should go pick up Changeling. (35:54)

Currently Playing gets underway at (37:14) – Allan’s played Let’s Kill! (the Sancho Games version), then provides a quick review of The Haunting House (Twilight Creations). Okko: Era of the Asagiri (Asmodée) is mentioned (41:55), as well as the long-extinct Gregory Horror Show Game. At (44:33) he wraps his side of Currently Playing with a few preliminary comments on Monty Python Fluxx (Looney Labs) (full review to follow soon), and has plans for a nasty Halloween D&D session.

At (49:25) Mike has played ThunderRoad (Milton Bradley; OgreCave mascot game), talks a bit about 3:16 – Carnage Amongst the Stars (BoxNinja). He also mentions a game he’s playtesting, Misery Bubblegum (Muse of Fire Games), and is getting excited about Superstruct. (52:46)

We finish at (55:03) with a few bits of business. First, a mention of the Screams from the Cave event, which includes OgreCave’s Random Encounter interview with Harley Stroh of Goodman Games about the upcoming Age of Cthulhu line. Then a reminder that listeners did indeed win prizes in last month’s podcast contest – see the winner list we announced at this link, and thanks for joining in the fun.

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