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January 5, 2006

With the regulars. The 2005 Wrapup Show. No currently-playing or new-releases this week, just wall-to-wall punditry.

Discussed: a view of 2005 from 1000 feet up, or at a retail store, whichever (1:30); WizKids (6:15); the year in CCGs (9:30); announcing the Ogre’s Choice Awards – leave a comment with your picks! (14:15); the year in minis (18:00); 2005’s board games market (30:30); indie RPGs, the one thing that got Mike excited this year (36:00); back to D&D, and the Forge vs. the 2nd-tier RPG publishers (41:50); the year in card games (47:30); d20, “straight” indie RPGs and more D&D (49:30); wrapup predictions (58:10).

Comments here. Ogre’s Choice Awards! Woo!

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