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Unplugged-gaming rants and raves with the OgreCave staff

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September 5, 2008: PAX and HELLAS

With Mike and Allan, OgreCave’s brothers in arms. Or something.

To start off, Mike went to Penny Arcade Expo ’08 (PAX), and describes the mixed electronic/tabletop gaming scene for those who couldn’t get out Seattle-way. At (4:10) we muse on possible PAX East locations briefly, then at (5:55) Mike gives us his initial impression of Monsterpocalypse (Privateer Press). After some discussion of balancing factions and collectible game pricing (around 9:00), we cheer for miniature buildings.

Then at (15:30) Mike starts to recount the tabletop game companies in attendance (a process that continues through the rest of the episode). We wander into D&D 4e thoughts at (16:44). Mike picked up We Didn’t Playtest This At All (Asmadi Games, despite Mike’s faulty memory), and makes reference to 1,000 Blank White Cards. (18:55) Other goodies mentioned: Unhallowed Metropolis from Eos Press (20:28); Champions Online from Cryptic Studios (22:16); Schizoid by Skaff Elias and Richard Garfield, from Torpex Games (23:28); and Mike’s perennial fav, Icehouse from Looney Labs. (24:55)

At the (26:00) mark, we drop in Mike’s interview from the PAX ’08 show floor with Michael Fiegel and Jerry Grayson, creators of the Hellas RPG. The trio talks up everything from 300 in space and D&D 4e, to hot blue chicks seen at Gen Con.

At (44:50) Mike tells us a bit about the electronic games he got a glimpse of despite the huge crowds – Little Big Planet; Wii Music and the Wii Fit controller making a very interesting drum kit simulator (46:09); a mention of Locke’s Quest and Ninja Town, both for the Nintendo DS; and De Blob for the Wii, “kinda a mix of Katamari Damasi and Jet Grind Radio”. (48:48)

A quick jump back to boardgames for Battlestar Galactica and Dust Tactics (Fantasy Flight) at about (50:00). Having already summarized Mike’s Currently Playing list, Allan recounts his list – Tomb Raider: Legend, and introducing his daughter to Portal on the Xbox 360. (54:33) The weekly D&D 3.5 campaign continues, and there’s hope of playing All Flesh Must Be Eaten soon. This somehow leads to a “jazz hands!” throwdown from Mike, and we’re all afraid.

Thanks to Michael Fiegel and Jerry Grayson for talking with us about Hellas. Don’t forget the 2008 Ogre’s Choice Awards (EDIT: now posted!) coming up next show, as well as a multi-podcast contest we’ll be announcing.

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