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Unplugged-gaming rants and raves with the OgreCave staff

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February 8, 2008 - Heresy on parade

With Mike, Allan, and Steve.

At the forefront of our minds when we recorded this show: the Black Industries implosion and seeming premature end of the freshly-released Dark Heresy RPG (1:05). The life of the Warhammer 40k themed roleplaying game seemed woefully short. [At show time, Fantasy Flight Games hadn’t yet promised to assume publishing duties.] Just in case you plan to track a copy down, Allan and Steve relate their initial impressions of the book. Not a review, mind you, just opening thoughts and observations – take them for what they’re worth.

There’s talk of the upcoming convention season at (14:05), including DunDraCon, GameStorm, and GTS. At (16:10) there’s been idle speculation on some industry forums about having alternate cities for GTS, an idea we weren’t thrilled with. Mike wonders if there’s a lack of east coast cons, though we all readily admit we aren’t tuned into the scene out there (17:30).

A mid-show IM at (18:34) sends us into discussion of the World of WarCraft CMG from Upper Deck. Will its success or failure mirror that of the TCG? This leads into Steve’s assertion that CCG sales certainly aren’t dead, at least not as far as his store is concerned, despite what some retailers are prone to claiming (21:30). Ultimately, we acknowledge that its hard to tell how well a new venture will do, whether a new game or a new retail store, but there are basic necessary steps that some people fail to take (26:30).

Currently Playing starts at (28:40). Mike starts us off with In a Wicked Age by Vincent Baker, author of Dogs in the Vineyard, and gives us a basic rundown of how the system works. He also played Ubongo, picked up Rocketville, wishes he’d bought Betrayal at House on the Hill, and at (35:23) he briefly tells us about The Farming Game.

At (36:10) Steve has played Bison and Cash ‘n’ Guns. The latter was so enjoyable for the Dr Comics & Mr Games crew that they’ve stocked it, despite any impressions such a title might give customers.

Coming up on (38:00), Allan still hasn’t played Tannhauser, mentions Mad Scientist University (OgreCave will have a review up soon). He’s kept his weekly D&D campaign going, and despite much deception going on between characters, recent sessions make him hopeful that all the players will take it in stride (39:00). Allan’s also been playing LEGO Star Wars, The Simpsons Game (for which he gives a brief, very positive, review), and Tomb Raider: Legend on Xbox 360 (41:49). Finally, Allan organized another successful Family Games Night at his daughter’s elementary school, where certain trends were observed (43:00).

Talk comes around to the Wii console (45:55), and Mike throws in a mention of the Star Chamber trading card PC game (47:00). We spend the last minute or so looking ahead at DunDraCon, and sign off.

Though this show’s a bit of a time capsule (we’re nearly caught up now), you can still post your comments here.

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