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Unplugged-gaming rants and raves with the OgreCave staff

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January 11, 2008 - To buy in, or not to buy in

With Mike, Allan, and Steve.

We start off discussing the Dungeons & Dragons OGL 2.0, and its low, low price of $5K to use this year. We’re troubled by the vagueness of the new license (6:30), and by the hesitance of most major D&D related publishers to get onboard for 4th Edition (7:50). Will WotC pull off the perfect launch plan, or have they scared off the third party support 4th Edition needs? (10:45) Interesting times ahead.

Hasbro is buying the Cranium company, at a price that surprised some retailers (15:35). Could this mean a wide range of games being sold at a Starbucks near you?

At (23:00) we briefly mention Free RPG Day, which WotC will have increased involvement in this time around. [Since recording, the D&D 4e release has been moved ahead of FRPG Day.] At (24:55) we wonder if there’s any tangible effect of Origins changing its name.

Now that the year’s over, we spend a few minutes looking back at the trends and developments of 2007 (27:00). This rambles from the D&D 4e anticipation/announcement to Battlelore, CCGs, and other things. The show’s beverage report follows (34:20), then we get into Currently Playing.

Mike starts at (36:25) with Best Friends and The Shab al-Hiri Roach. At (39:10), he describes his impressions from a session of the StarCraft boardgame. Mike also played “a lot of Rock Band.”

At (41:40) Allan relates his latest plays – Family Fluxx and Aquarius for in-flight games, The Simpsons Game and Shrek 3 on Xbox 360, his weekly D&D campaign, and Rock Band. Lots of Rock Band.

Steve’s played a little Halo 3, and despite a lull in the store’s testing schedule during the holidays, he tried out some sports titles – Soccer Tactics World, Soccer Chess and Bladder: The Origin of Football (45:40). Mike muses briefly on how Tom Jolly’s Camelot had gameplay that could’ve been used effectively for sports games. Some threats are tossed around, and we end another show.

We’re getting used to a new sound editing program, so if things sound slightly funky, please bear with us, but near as we can tell, things turned out fine.

Though this show’s a bit late in going up, you can still post your comments here.

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