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Unplugged-gaming rants and raves with the OgreCave staff

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November 30, 2007 - Trends and microclimates

With Mike, Allan, and Steve.

As we start this time, Steve’s mock-threatening to buckle under the holiday pressure. He tells us what’s been selling in his neck of the retail woods as the season of giving gets underway (1:46).

At about (4:38) we reveal Steve’s choice of angry apparel, which came with one of his Currently Playing selections. Despite the trends at Steve’s store, we mention the game store microclimates that can be so befuddling to retailers (7:16).

At (8:47) Allan mentions the smaller margin FFG is giving retailers on StarCraft. This leads into talk of another FFG release, the Kingdom Hearts TCG (which is on our 2007 Christmas Gift Guide (10:25). WotC’s Maple Story TCG also gets a brief discussion, particularly how it ties into actual online play far better than the WOW TCG ever did (12:51). Steve’s apparel continues to be distracting.

Comics & Games Retailer announced it was calling it quits, and we alternate between lamenting the loss and shrugging (16:20). ACD Distribution had just changed hands when this show was recorded, and we discuss, applaude, and shrug about that as well (19:45). Somehow the New York Anime Festival hosting Magic Worlds leads to mention of a “Maid Cafe” (22:54).

Steve starts Currently Playing (25:09) by describing The War on Terror by Terrorbull Games, the source of his costuming choice this show. He also played Antike from Rio Grande Games (28:20).

Mike tries to claim no play, then admits to some Zombie Fluxx (29:58). (Mike’s full Zombie Fluxx review is worth a read, btw.) The news that Twilight Creations’ Zombies! has sold 100k copies sneaks in around here.

Allan brought in Simpsons Scrabble by Sababba Toys, which gets the once-over (32:38). He also ran his weekly D&D game, and experienced Valve’s Portal on Xbox 360 (37:22), which gets a strongly favorable review from both Mike and Allan. A last mention of the 2007 Christmas Gift Guide leads to Pulp Fiction references and Mike falling apart.

This show’s music selection is The Device Has Been Modified, a Portal-rific mix by Victims of Science. Be sure to listen to the very end (but you already do, right?).

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