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October 19, 2007 - Musing on the marketing

With Mike, Allan, resident retailer and kuo-toa Steve, and special guest Lee Valentine of Veritas Games Company.

To start off (2:15), we ask the question “Why are we getting our D&D 4e info somewhere other than a WotC site?” The marketing approach thus far leaves something to be desired. Lee took it upon himself to wade int ot the fourth edition SRD/trademark licensing debate, and reports on what’s been discussed (12:40).

(17:56) Dreamblade is dead. Long live… um, something else. At (21:05) Mike wonders why the property wasn’t a card model game, but not too seriously. A quick autopsy, some musing on other Hasbro properties that could be stretched over the Dreamblade rules (25:19), what D&D Miniatures are trying these days, and WotC’s promise of a PDF to update all the old stat cards for fourth edition (29:46).

At (33:00), talk of transparent booster packaging prompts fresh products to be opened, which also lapses into Currently Playing. Allan breaks open some Halo ActionClix, burned things in Halo 3, partied with Mario Party 8, and perused Secrets of Los Angeles for Call of Cthulhu.

At (40:53) Steve cracks open a shrinkwrapped, cardboard coffin of Zombie Fluxx, so we examine and discuss. He’s also played Last Night on Earth.

(48:12) Mike’s played Betrayal at House on the Hill, Torres, Loopin’ Louie, and a little ThunderRoad, baby.

(51:16) Lee played Betrayal as well, along with Cutthroat Caverns, F*ck This!, Taiji, and Battue: Storm of the Horselords. He also reminds us about Infinite Armies. Last but not least (56:20), Lee gives us a quick preview of Veritas Games Company’s 2008 releases, which include gems like Mime Sweeper and Zombies Want Fluffy (who wouldn’t?). We wrap by all agreeing that for retailers, and especially for abstract games, demoing is all.

Thoughts? Give us your comments here. Also, check out Lee’s full review of Taiji.

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