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Unplugged-gaming rants and raves with the OgreCave staff

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March 23, 2007 - Expos, Card Models, and Dragon Junk

With Allan, Mike, and OC kua-toa Steve Kani. Games Expo went off, and our intelligence sources give us the scoop. Roughly twenty minutes in, we discuss the new wave of licensed card-model games, Transformers and Star Wars, and then obsess about Fin Fang Foom for no reason. Halfway through the show, we check in with Steve’s store and move into currently-playing: Shogun, Catan Rome, Industria, some odd homebrew supers-roleplay, InSpectres, Donjon, the mysteriously “new” revised Torg, M:tG with an eight-year-old girl, and the canonical one more game that Mike forgot – Once Upon A Time. We go off for a bit on playing that one with kids.

Incidentally, I checked on our digression about the Halo movie, and it seems still to be in active pre-production at Peter Jackson’s Weta studio. I believe the guy who made this remarkable short is still attached as director.

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