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August 3, 2006 - Pre-Gen Con!

With the regulars. Discussed:

(3:50) What we’re looking forward to at Gen Con, including:
(5:07) AT-43
(7:02) Burning Empires and more IPR, including Mechaton
(9:21) Viktory II
(10:44) War Angel?
(12:14) Dreamblade and assorted
(15:15) The indie-games rundown
(19:25) More Dreamblade obsessing, and Pieces of Eight
(21:59) Some crazy news that Fantasy Flight made a movie??!?!?!! Midnight Chronicles??? WTF??
(26:51) really obvious edit and then I talk about the podcasting panel at Origins
(28:23) Chris on Dogs in the Vineyard play
(32:14) The brilliance of Games on Demand
(33:33) Back to Dogs, and some of the woes getting it, but back to the greatness
(36:41) From 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction, a review of True20
(47:32) Currently playing: there’s that Dreamblade again, Carolus Magnus, almost HorrorClix, cribbage beatdown, and Trivial Pursuit Genus 6
(54:19) Closing notes: tell us about the Perplex City SF Connection if you go, and it’s our one-year anniversary; also, Year One is collected on CD-Rs you’ll find at Gen Con.

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