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June 8, 2006

Chris doesn’t run Magic events in his store anymore. Why not? And is the new CCG for audiences over 14 just entirely over? We discuss the Battlestar Galactica CCG at length in search of an answer, of coping strategies, and of ways to salvage great games from collectibility. Our question to you, for the comment thread: what stops you from buying $20 worth of BSG and pretending it’s a non-collectible 2-player game? (We don’t mean that as advocacy, but as a literal question; we want to know what the first stumbling block you hit is when you consider that.) Also: the paucity of Gen Con pre-announcements and some more True Dungeon griping; the BattleTech relaunch; HORDES, Rackham’s Dogs of War, and the new D&D Minis; predicting the indie-RPG Gen Con hits; and Mike and Chris explain America’s new favorite pastime, Waldorfing. We close with a few words on what to expect from OC’s coverage of the big cons this year, and the ol’ currently-playing.

(We’ve been getting more complaints about sound quality lately than about download time; hence, bigger file. Enjoy.)

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