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February 9, 2006

With the regulars. Discussed: Gen Con stays in Indy; Classic BattleTech reboots (2:45); Hasbro earnings and corporate doin’s (6:35); WotC’s seekrit GTS announcement (7:50); Mike’s fantasy of Avalon Hill action (10:40); WizKids announces HorrorClix, otherwise begins to get heads back on their shoulders with full returnability and allocated shipping (12:10); Rackham also possibly gets heads on shoulders (21:50); Rio Grande made Chris sad (25:55); currently playing: Infinity-The-Game, FASA’s old Leviathan gets a thumbs down, and how Apples to Apples can improve your D&D game (31:20); Chris gets in a plug for a big RPG weekend in April (36:36).

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