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January 12, 2006

Short show with the regulars. Discussed: Games Workshop’s profits announcement (1:10); Green Ronin’s candid 2005-in-review letter and their Bleeding Edge plans (3:08); Arc Dream’s Fundable plans for Godlike, and the pledge-for-PDFs model in general (11:37); brief digression to plug Chris’ new blog, gamingfool.blogspot.com, then right back to more PDF digression (18:30); Mongoose sort of announces historical minis games (23:45); currently playing: Vegas Showdown, The Pitch TV Edition, Dungeon Twister, and kind of Cyberpunk 3.0 (25:55).

Some of the audio got out of sync in a way that was difficult to repair… Mike was not really being a tool and cutting everyone off. Sorry about that. Comment here.

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