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December 1, 2005

With the regulars. Discussed: beer (0:39); the WotC firings and their implications for D&D, in which we speculate on a 4th Edition (1:27); the upcoming special sauce for the D&D Basic Game will include a baby Players’ Handbook (10:18); more 4th-ed what-ifs and spec (12:00 or so); brief program note about OgreCave Video (16:14); the gift guides, and how gamers shop (16:50); WizKids has risen in our estimations suddenly (24:48); indie RPGs on the lists (26:58); what’s hot with those crazy kids today (29:20); gifts for roleplayers, and back to D&D (31:10); the over-$20 list, and changes in board game economics (36:12); the d20 list and Blue Rose (41:22); the PDF “panic list” and the Ogre’s Choice Awards!!! (44:02); Chris and Mike make public service announcements – please consider throwing some games at Toys for Tots and Child’s Play (46:05); currently playing (48:05), including some roleplaying thoughts that Mike will almost certainly follow up on in a later show (50:50); new releases (54:48).

Here’s that Sons of Kryos stuff, and as always you’ll find plenty more at GOBLIN.

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