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Weekend of 11/5/05

Featuring Allan and Mike Sugarbaker plus OC correspondent Steve Kani. Discussed: Gen Con SoCal (1:13); True Dungeon (5:01); Steve speaks! (11:06); Vegas Showdown (11:42); someone has finally played A&A Minis (13:39); Tsuro (16:53); Let’s Kill 2nd Ed. (20:20); Spree is heading back into print (22:29); Xbox 360 (23:50); Mike’s currently playing Last Call Poker and watching the ARGfest DVD (27:43); two Magic old-timers on Ravnica (28:41); Allan’s playing Nightmare Before Xmas on the Xbox with his daughter (31:01); new releases, including Underdark, Uber-Leet Catan and High Plains Drifter (32:17).

Sorry for the volume problems. I also didn’t have the presence of mind to thank Paul Tevis and other, more textual bloggers who gave us shouts for the Clinton R. Nixon show. We don’t pretend they were because we were all that, but more that Clinton is all that. Anyway, hi!

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