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OgreCave Audio Report - Unplugged-gaming rants and raves with the OgreCave staff


Unplugged-gaming rants and raves with the OgreCave staff

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Weekend of 10/28/05

With the regulars as well as special guest Clinton R. Nixon, co-admin of The Forge and author of Donjon and The Shadow of Yesterday.

Discussed: a kind intro message from Paul of Cthulhu (0:00); introducing our guest (1:07); Clinton’s roots (1:53); from there to indie gaming (via Gaming Outpost!!) (4:00); the Forge community (6:53); how is the Forge affecting RPGs… and what are those, really? (7:57); I am lame and have not read The Shadow Of Yesterday (13:13); Burning Wheel (14:12); Discernment by Michael Miller and my wild-assed RPG theory from last time (15:05); Clinton’s competitive RPG City of Brass vs. Survivor – and game design competitions (18:30); a brief information-architecture digression/announcement (22:34); RPG Design Patterns and the theory side of the Forge (24:22); going from “indie RPGs are dying” to “indie RPGs are where innovation is” in retail (32:31); what will your players be willing to do, and how can retail stores help? (38:05); RPGnet Games Day and an almost-announcement (43:36); (44:32); the RPGNow Edge semi-debacle (49:05); Clinton’s getting married, congratulations! (54:05); recently played (54:47); an action-packed new releases report (55:25); we lost Clinton a bit prematurely but hope to have him back (57:38).

Here’s the comment thread. Enjoy!

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