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Ogre's Choice Awards

The Ogre's Choice Awards

The Ogres and other Cave Dwellers of OgreCave spend much time stalking their games, and few escape notice. When a prime specimen of enjoyable gaming is spotted, OgreCave takes great care to stuff and mount the carcass in pristine condition. Those trophies are the rewards for the year-round hunt for great tabletop games.

We thought it'd be nice to give back.

In the spirit of rewarding the game companies that have already rewarded us, we present the Ogre's Choice Awards. These annual game industry commendations recognize quality game products in several categories, and are nominated and voted on by members of the OgreCave staff. Click on the links below to view the winners and runners up for a given product year (defined as the time from Gen Con Indy to Gen Con Indy).

Ogre's Choice Awards 2006

Ogre's Choice Awards 2007

Ogre's Choice Awards 2008


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