GenCon 2002 Photo Gallery: Show Floor

Anime and video booths were sprinkled throughout the exhibit hall. Lord knows that Gen 13 cartoon will draw the customers in.

This guy crouched up there for hours on end. Amazing stamina.

MonkeyGod Enterprises had a few choice bumper stickers. I was surprised none showed up in the bathroom stalls.

The guys from Green Ronin Publishing chat it up with their fans.

AEG had posters of the core D&D classes, complete with the rules and such. To me, that's not as handy as having them all in the Player's Handbook. But hey, to each his own.

Decipher country, where it was largely Lord of the Rings, all day, everyday.

After pushing through the three-person-deep crowd, all we found was a Dragonball Z tournament. And here we thought it was a crime scene or something.

While we didn't take exact measurements, it sure seemed that WizKids was taking up the same amount of room as WotC. Maybe slightly more.

All the latest Games Workshop goodies, in tidy piles for your convenience.

The tabletop-format RPG, Nobilis, and its publisher, James Wallis, who is also an oddly large size. Wait, strike that. Aw, crap.

Another busy day inside the castle.

The Fiery Dragon guys, looking both fiery and dragon-like. Well, sort of. If you squint.

Jim Butler of Bastion Press, with the impressive stack of Oathbound books. "Now watch as I pull out the keystone book..."

The Kenzer booth, filled to the brim with gaming goodness.

And then there was this guy, extolling the virtues of the Travellers comic book. Not sure how many folks were willing to enter his threat range.

Living Imagination's Broadsides, displayed next to a broad side.

The Mystic Eye is watching. Don't look at it. It knows.

"D'oh, it's the press! Shhh, ssh! Act casual!" John Nephew of Atlas Games caught with Doug and Hal of Mystic Eye.

The man, the myth, the Monte Cook.

Since they were going to get rid of the castle anyway, WotC should've offered whacks at it with siege weapons for $5.

Paradigm Concepts, the other half of the OGL Interlink.

Finally, more figures for Privateer's Warmachine. Keep 'em coming.

AEG's big ass cups: for that deep-down body thirst.

Haggling here is to first blood.

T20 was previewed. No, Arnold wasn't involved.

"Let's go out to the lobby, let's go out to the lobby, let's go out to the lobby, to have ourselves some Warlord."

Z-Man Games, keepin' it real, yo.


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