GenCon 2002 Photo Gallery: The Products

As with every GenCon, new products were everywhere. AEG had the Farscape RPG, and the Soldier/Wheelman Class Guide for Spycraft.

We're not sure where these guys came from, but their game of futuristic baseball was intriguing.

The Oathbound altar, prayed at many times over the course of the con.

C.J. Carella, designer of several games for Eden Studios, including All Flesh Must Be Eaten and the new Buffy: The Vampire Slayer RPG.

The only sign of D20 Modern, other than the seminar. By all accounts, it'll be what everyone's hoping for.

A wide array of d20 products from Fantasy Flight Games. Note the huge Cthulhu d20 campaign, Nocturnum.

The Green Ronin rack, with plenty of d20 deliciousness.

Let's not forget Green Ronin's latest releases, the Assassin's Handbook and Book of the Righteous. Good of them to balance their product topics.

The Jeseret Games booth, with Magical Arena, a CCG and miniatures combat game. What'll they think of next?

Some damn fine scenery for a Mage Knight demo. If you can reach your figures in there, that is.

Over a dozen MonkeyGod d20 products, ripe for the picking.

There was also the cover for an upcoming MonkeyGod release, Frost & Fur, which will focus on an arctic region, strangely enough.

In addition to bringing back Chill, Otherworld Creations has the cahones to step up and announce Solid! the d20 blaxploitation RPG. We can dig it.

Paradigm products, properly partitioned. One of the new Spell Deck sets is on the left.

These were by Hasbro, but why?

"OOOooh! The Simpsons TCG, eh? Don't mind if I do." *yoink*

So, we meet again, Valdorian Phalanx. I see you have terrain now. And yet, you still manage to look like a space-age spider web.

Warmachine figs are here, warjacks slugging away at each other. Didn't see any actual rulebooks, though the quickstart rules are online at the Privateer website.

The purty ones in the case. If only I could paint minis. *sigh*

"For the boxes!!"

"You see that, Slim? That boy's got a Mage Knight shirt on. Let's get 'im."

"Heh. That sure was fun, Slim. I thought he'd never -- hey, what're those click-dial based figures doing coming this way? That one looks like Superman. DC HeroClix, you say? Uh-oh."


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