GenCon 2002 Photo Gallery: End of an Era

Special copies of the books that started all this D20 nonsense, hermetically sealed for freshness.

At the exhibitors' meeting, convention vendors were plied with booze and shown plans of next year's Indianapolis location. Can you say "More hotels"? I knew you could.

What's this? Vandals have attacked the castle!

Yep, just as I predicted a few years back: Mage Knight made a play for the castle spot. Sure, the show's already over, and the castle's just getting thrown away. But still, I was right, dammit.

This resulted from a mass exodus when the rumor of a Pokémon/Simpsons TCG crossover set broke. "I challenge you, Burnsizard!" No, no, no, no, no...

Now this is the way to conduct a siege: with crane lifts and union workers.

"Umm, I lost a d8 somewhere in this general area. Anyone wanna help me look? ... Anyone?"

After the dismantling, all that's left is the biggest damned Mage Knight Siege set you've ever seen.


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