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April 27, 2007 - What if a GTS Fell in the Forest

And lo! GTS happened. With Mike, Allan, and our field reporter/kuo-toa, Steve Kani.

Steve got out to GTS ‘07 for a hot minute, and relates the bits he patrolled as a retail rep for Dr Comics & Mr Games. We discuss the show’s new demo area (which Lee Valentine mentioned in his report for us) (2:59); how well (or badly) exhibitors present their products to a retailer perspective (5:58). Then we grill Steve on what he managed to learn about various upcoming releases, including Mongoose Publishing’s prepainted Starship Troopers (9:18), Fantasy Flight’s Arkham Horror: The King in Yellow and freshly-announced Kingdom Hearts CCG (10:31); nifty terrain material packs from Gale Force 9; and back to FFG for Tannhäuser (14:54) and the Anima RPG, still lost in translation (16:07).

Then we head into a meaty interview from the show floor with Joshua Frost of Paizo Publishing to get the skinny on Paizo’s plans after Dragon and Dungeon get reclaimed by WotC (16:50). A brief discussion follows (27:48), and leads into talk of Troll Lord Games’ magazine, The Crusader. Continuing with Steve’s memories of the show, we make mention of HaloClix, the Star Wars CSG, and the latest Pirates set. Red Juggernaut’s Mansuba excites Mike for all the wrong reasons (33:21).

Then we hear from Luke Crane (of Burning Wheel) who was representing Indie Press Revolution and spreading the word about the Ashcan Front (34:30). We discuss how this could help indie RPGs get the care and upbringing they need to live on their own (45:17). Then Steve gives us a quick update on Margaret Weis Productions, including the company’s thoughts on the end of the Dragonlance license (49:31).

We discuss what we’ve heard about GTS ‘07’s attendance compared to previous years (52:13), and point out a sad sign that retailers and manufacturers may not be talking enough (54:30). Steve makes a few other trade show observations: a ridiculously inconvenient press room, registration woes, and in the end, a worthwhile trip (56:22). We send shout outs to Lee Valentine of Veritas Games for his outstanding trade show report, and to Mike Stackpole for pimping us gaming podcasters at the show (58:18).

Lastly, we recount what we’re currently playing. Steve’s latest games were Figaro, Who’s the Ass? and Mimic (1:00:08). Allan’s weekly D&D campaign got rather weird (intentionally) (1:03:45). We’re still all about ThunderRoad (1:07:14). That aside, Mike also played Universalis, InSpectres, and schooled some poor slobs at Carcassonne (1:07:46). We wrap up with a quick beverage report, and learn Steve had more fun at GTS than he was letting on.

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April 9, 2007 - Boom! Hooray!

Gathered together in Chris’ studio once again are the regulars. Discussed: the mildly spectacular explosion of Games Expo and Games Quarterly, the small explosion in naval miniatures, Rackham minis may go completely pre-painted, Portland’s GameStorm convention, Cheapass Games confirms its hibernation, more on Wizards’ “goblin game,” Mike hits the wall on stakes-setting RPG design, the possible obsolescence of the “dealers’ room” model of con commerce, a random plug for Go Play Northwest, some confusion about good news from a Comics & Games Retailer survey, and at long last, all of our play from the Endgame Minicon and beyond: Dogs, Mortal Coil, Shab-al-Hiri Roach with an instructive British twist (and a digression about short games and social context), Thunder Road!, D&D, Guitar Hero II and Animal Crossing.

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March 23, 2007 - Expos, Card Models, and Dragon Junk

With Allan, Mike, and OC kua-toa Steve Kani. Games Expo went off, and our intelligence sources give us the scoop. Roughly twenty minutes in, we discuss the new wave of licensed card-model games, Transformers and Star Wars, and then obsess about Fin Fang Foom for no reason. Halfway through the show, we check in with Steve’s store and move into currently-playing: Shogun, Catan Rome, Industria, some odd homebrew supers-roleplay, InSpectres, Donjon, the mysteriously “new” revised Torg, M:tG with an eight-year-old girl, and the canonical one more game that Mike forgot – Once Upon A Time. We go off for a bit on playing that one with kids.

Incidentally, I checked on our digression about the Halo movie, and it seems still to be in active pre-production at Peter Jackson’s Weta studio. I believe the guy who made this remarkable short is still attached as director.

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March 1, 2007 - Good Lord... Games!

In which we report on DunDraCon 2007 and play you our interview with Joe Goodman and Stephen Chenault of Goodman Games and Troll Lord Games respectively. (More show notes to come, for real this time)

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December 28, 2006 - Live In Person, One Night Only!

Allan, Mike and Chris recording in the same room, at the same time, for the first time ever, discuss what made us happy in 2006. More notes to follow, but you’ve been waiting long enough for this one.

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