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August 3, 2007 - The Ogre's Choice Awards 2007!

Our second annual Ogre’s Choice Awards show, with Mike, Allan, Steve, and Chris. Be sure to check out the Awards page for a complete list of nominees and winners, or listen on for our thoughts on this year’s awards. Note: our State of the Industry award was much funnier before WotC’s Gen Con announcements, but at least our guesses were largely correct.

At about 44:00, a lightning round of currently playing begins. Mike: Cash ‘n Guns, Mexican Standoff, Conquest of the Fallen Lands, and Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel.

Steve played in Allan’s weekly D&D game, and tried Age of Empires, which he found to be a bit much to take in.

Allan’s weekly D&D game continued. He also gave Bendomino a go with his daughter, then introduced her to Talisman: 2nd Edition. Otherwise, he spent time with Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the ‘80s.

Chris , a new investor in InMediaRes Productions (literally) played “a lot of Battletech”, which makes perfect sense.

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July 12, 2007 - Origins, ENnies and other awards

Mike, Allan and Chris start with talk of Origins 2007. This includes thoughts on the dealers’ room and laid back pace of the show (2:45), and leads into the Origins Awards (4:54). Chris mentions Slugfest Games, Battlefront and Flames of War (9:33), then throws in a dig at Fantasy Flight and Arkham Horror fulfillment issues (11:11). He brings up Paizo Publishing’s new d20 module series (12:13) as well as Battleground by Your Move Games, still going strong (12:58). Treehouse denied BattleLore the Origins Award this year, which we find impressive (13:32). More dealers’ room thoughts from Chris follow, wherein IPR kicks butt despite being underprepared (15:25). Then there is TerrorWerks, “the new, better True Dungeon”, says Chris (16:20). Next, an informal poll of Origins attendees contributes to an old topic (20:35).

Then we start to jump around a bit. Chris played Zooloretto and Arcadia (22:43). We get into the 2007 ENnies nominees briefly (24:04), then all of us pick over the Star Wars PocketModel TCG (26:19). We come right to the brink of plunging into the debate on what makes a boardgame a miniatures game, then back away quickly (30:33), opting instead to bring up the excellent idea of the Ashcan Front again (32:37). We prepare you for the coming of the second annual Ogre’s Choice Awards, and welcome your input, mostly (35:43). Then Chris starts Currently Playing with lust for the new Battletech goodies coming from Catalyst Game Labs (38:37). Allan played Tortoise and Hare, Wiz War and Spree!, plus his weekly D&D campaign (45:23). Mike felt oddly compelled to subject himself to WarCraft III (47:59). On the way out, Chris mentions hearing about Zombie Fluxx, Munchkin gets more hate, and we promise Ogre’s Choice Awards for next show (48:35).

Comments here. Be sure to tell us what you’d pick for 2007’s Ogre’s Choice Awards!

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June 29, 2007 - Free at last, free at last

[Editor’s note: sound’s chipmunked again. Please use the “Get MP3” link to avoid this]

Our post-Free RPG Day show, with Mike, Allan, and Steve. This one starts with a quick intro, then launches into an interview with Aldo Ghiozzi of Impressions (the guy behind Free RPG Day) and Gary, owner of Black Diamond Games (2:38). We get their thoughts on how the first Free RPG Day went, and how it could be improved. The issue of online retailer participation came up as well (20:46). After the interview, the Cave dwellers discuss the event. Allan gives a general rundown of this year’s freebies (33:55); and Steve states why his store didn’t participate (42:51). Then we do a super quick rundown of this year’s Diana Jones shortlist (51:00). Next, Mike tells us about Go Play NW, which he helped out with (52:44), and that leads into currently playing: Mike played The Prince’s Kingdom with Clinton R. Nixon (who we interviewed a while ago, here); playtested two GameChef games; and got his Primetime Adventures and Jungle Speed on. Steve played Colosseum, and enjoyed it (59:09). Allan’s been in Cheapass mode with Spree, Give Me the Brain, and Lord of the Fries (1:01:48); his weekly D&D campaign continues, though there’s a calm before the next storm now (1:04:21). Some shout outs follow, and we out.

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May 31, 2007 - Clash of the Titans

With the usuals. At the top of the show, the then-breaking story of WotC and WizKids variously suing and patenting each other’s stuff. Then: a full KublaCon report (5:35); recent WotC products Star Wars Saga Edition and Transformers CSG (25:30); the Lone Wolf reprints (34:00); Spiel des Jahres noms (37:00); Paizo’s Critical Hits Deck (39:00); HABA!! (45:00); currently-playing notes, leading off with Dust Devils (48:40); a bit about TerrorWerks and Guardian 6, about which we have since posted (52:40).

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May 10, 2007 - Cowbell Heroes

With the usuals. Show notes to come.

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