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September 5, 2008: PAX and HELLAS

With Mike and Allan, OgreCave’s brothers in arms. Or something.

To start off, Mike went to Penny Arcade Expo ’08 (PAX), and describes the mixed electronic/tabletop gaming scene for those who couldn’t get out Seattle-way. At (4:10) we muse on possible PAX East locations briefly, then at (5:55) Mike gives us his initial impression of Monsterpocalypse (Privateer Press). After some discussion of balancing factions and collectible game pricing (around 9:00), we cheer for miniature buildings.

Then at (15:30) Mike starts to recount the tabletop game companies in attendance (a process that continues through the rest of the episode). We wander into D&D 4e thoughts at (16:44). Mike picked up We Didn’t Playtest This At All (Asmadi Games, despite Mike’s faulty memory), and makes reference to 1,000 Blank White Cards. (18:55) Other goodies mentioned: Unhallowed Metropolis from Eos Press (20:28); Champions Online from Cryptic Studios (22:16); Schizoid by Skaff Elias and Richard Garfield, from Torpex Games (23:28); and Mike’s perennial fav, Icehouse from Looney Labs. (24:55)

At the (26:00) mark, we drop in Mike’s interview from the PAX ’08 show floor with Michael Fiegel and Jerry Grayson, creators of the Hellas RPG. The trio talks up everything from 300 in space and D&D 4e, to hot blue chicks seen at Gen Con.

At (44:50) Mike tells us a bit about the electronic games he got a glimpse of despite the huge crowds – Little Big Planet; Wii Music and the Wii Fit controller making a very interesting drum kit simulator (46:09); a mention of Locke’s Quest and Ninja Town, both for the Nintendo DS; and De Blob for the Wii, “kinda a mix of Katamari Damasi and Jet Grind Radio”. (48:48)

A quick jump back to boardgames for Battlestar Galactica and Dust Tactics (Fantasy Flight) at about (50:00). Having already summarized Mike’s Currently Playing list, Allan recounts his list – Tomb Raider: Legend, and introducing his daughter to Portal on the Xbox 360. (54:33) The weekly D&D 3.5 campaign continues, and there’s hope of playing All Flesh Must Be Eaten soon. This somehow leads to a “jazz hands!” throwdown from Mike, and we’re all afraid.

Thanks to Michael Fiegel and Jerry Grayson for talking with us about Hellas. Don’t forget the 2008 Ogre’s Choice Awards (EDIT: now posted!) coming up next show, as well as a multi-podcast contest we’ll be announcing.

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July 24, 2008 - Joe Goodman on Dungeon Crawl Classics for 4E

Special guest Joseph Goodman of Goodman Games gives us the scoop on the future of Dungeon Crawl Classics, featuring some customized fired-up licensing tricks. Approx. 45 minutes, with some discussion of the West End Games sale about 30 min. in. More complete show notes to come.

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July 5, 2008 – Fun with Fourth Edition, and more

With Mike, Allan, and guest Lee Valentine of Veritas Games Company.

We start out (at 1:55) discussing our general impressions of the D&D 4e Game System License. There’s some vaguery of language, some seemingly sweeping restrictions, and generally discouraging rules in the GSL. We swing ‘round to the fact that D&D Insider is just barely starting to show a portion of its potential (7:58), but still doesn’t help sell the game, particularly. At (11:40), Mike has played Keep on the Shadowfell a bit, Lee has a lengthy review of the Player’s Handbook for us (over in our Reviews section), and we debate proper pricing for 4e products. A few brave and bold companies out there, including Goodman Games, are going ahead with 4e products, and we talk a bit about them.

In other news, Fantasy Flight’s Mutant Chronicles CMG has dropped the “C” part, which we find interesting. Some retailers feel otherwise. (20:04) OgreCave listeners who follow our main news feed have weighed in on this already.

Days of Wonder products are now exclusively distributed by Alliance. We discuss briefly, making the apt comparison to comics distribution. If you don’t know why this matters, Lee lays it out for you. (25:45) Musing on other DoW products eventually winds down this topic.

Currently Playing arrives at (32:30). Allan starts, having played his weekly D&D game (still firmly 3.5, due to lack of demand for otherwise). Red Dragon Inn (Slugfest Games) dominated one of his boardgaming group’s sessions, but also allowed time for You’ve Been Sentenced, and Cave Troll: Second Edition.

Mike chimes in (35:24) with a mention of blending D&D 4e with Universalis. He’s also played Dungeonquest, Elkfest, Aquarius, and a little gem called I Win. He also compares Carolus Magnus to Power Grid, favorably.

At (39:30), Lee’s been deeply embroiled in playing and reviewing D&D 4e, but managed to get some other games in. He played Ticket to Ride: Switzerland and Ticket to Ride: 1910 – Big Cities, then got his ego handed to him by his cable system in Reversi, but fared better in Sudoku. He’s also planning to review Ticket to Ride: The Card Game soon.

Thanks to Lee Valentine for joining us again, and for hammering away at detailed reviews for us. Be sure to leave your comments here.

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June 14, 2008 - Free RPG Day looms ever closer

With Mike and Allan.

We’re joined this show by special guest Aldo Ghiozzi of Impressions Advertising & Marketing, the company behind Free RPG Day (coming up June 21st). We ask how the event has changed for its second year, and what to expect. (1:02) Aldo tells us about specific goodies to look for that a wide range of game companies have offered up. (6:27) At (9:55) we talk a bit about the event’s international angle this year, and at (15:38) we try to make Aldo cry by bringing up the thought of customizable Free RPG Day product boxes for retailers.

Mike asks the D&D 4e question, and Aldo gives his preliminary thoughts. (22:05) We also hit him up for his Currently Playing summary, where we heard about the Red Dragon Inn sequel by Slugfest Games, and Senji by Asmodeé. (25:07) A discussion of climbing game prices ensues, and the reasons they aren’t likely to come down soon. (26:47) It all comes back around to supporting retail stores with promo events like Free RPG Day, a great note to end on.

Get out to your local participating store for Free RPG Day 2008 this coming Saturday, June 21st! Thanks to Aldo Ghiozzi for coming by and giving us the scoop on this year’s event. Be sure to place all comments over here.

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May 23, 2008 - Prelaunch jitters, early impressions, and other stuff

With Mike and Allan.

Can you tell work and vacations have delayed us? This show, recorded just prior to the release of D&D 4e, shows our respective frames of mind regarding the launch preparations. With that in mind, Mike checked in with our old co-conspirator Chris Hanrahan to get his thoughts on the new edition. (2:43) A final pass is made through the general failure to properly hype the Fourth Edition launch, both with Chris at (7:40), and with Allan and Mike at (17:10). Toward the end of our D&D discussion (23:34), Mike asks if conversion from one edition to another has been a big deal in the past – Allan’s not that worried. Note the rumor mongering at (34:32).

We talk briefly of the recent Upper Deck layoffs at (35:25) – note the great discussion on our main page – and how some former UD employees already have other projects underway. At (37:29), we are impressed and intrigued once again by the latest Fundable drive by Pagan Publishing and Arc Dream Publishing to get Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity.

Barnes & Noble wants to buy Borders – does this affect gamers much? Actually, it could. (43:51)

From the random musings department, we wonder how an Indiana Jones RPG would do if released today. (45:50)

At about (48:00), Currently Playing kicks in. Allan gives his initial impressions of Dragon Lairds by Margaret Weiss Productions. He also played Lord of the Fries: Third Edition from Steve Jackson Games; 10 Days in Africa, and The Mother Load of Sticky Gulch from Dogtown Games.

Mike played Safari Jack (Cheapass Games), Bohnanza, Power Grid, and ThunderRoad.

Thanks to Chris from for talking 4e with us. Be sure to leave your comments here.

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