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Unplugged-gaming rants and raves with the OgreCave staff

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December 26, 2008 - Lists, holidays, and what it all means

With Mike, Allan, and frequent OgreCave kuo-toa Steve Kani.

In our second of two refugee shows from 2008, Steve rejoins us to provide a retailer perspective on the holiday sales season.

We hit some news tidbits up front (foreshadowing our upcoming format change), in the following order:

  • (1:40) Some initial praise for the Android launch by FFG.
  • (2:20) General thoughts on the Konami/Upper Deck lawsuit over Yu-Gi-Oh! thus far, and how well the game seems to do in our area.
  • (5:40) Brief discussion of the December 2nd WotC layoffs, which included Jonathan Tweet and Dave Noonan.
  • (8:46) A few thoughts on the attempted takeover of Gen Con LLC.
  • (10:08) More thoughts on the Android release, FFG in general, and musing on the success of the Battlestar Galactica board game and Living Card Games.
  • (17:25) Once again, other discussion leads into the topic of big board games with big prices.

Then we get to the meat of the show – “wrapping” up the year with talk of gift guides (including our own annual list). This, of course, leads to other discussion:

  • (21:48) The San Francisco Chronicle published a holiday gift list, and retailers felt the effects. Some of the newspaper’s gift suggestions were rather surprising.
  • (24:50) Steve offers his quick synopsis of Stone Age (Rio Grande).
  • (28:33) Will a newspaper gift guide convert any casual gamers to full-fledged gamers? We’re rather dubious.
  • (29:43) This episode’s all-important beverage report, followed by some Nostradumbass predictions for 2009. Very Nostradumbass.
  • (34:21) Some thoughts on Partini (Parker Brothers), and its similarities to Cranium.

Then we get to Currently Playing:

  • (36:20) Steve played Senji (Asmodée), Cosmic Encounter (Avalon Hill), a very heavily inked copy of Titan (Valley Games), Hive (Smart Zone Games), Zimbbos, Coo Coo, and Double Shutter (all from Blue Orange Games), and ends with some bragging about Ninja versus Ninja (Out of the Box).
  • (43:19) Over the past few weeks, Allan has sunk his teeth into Rorschach (Bucephalus Games), Backseat Drawing, Apples to Apples, and Ninja versus Ninja (Out of the Box), Ninja Burger: Sumo-size Me! (Steve Jackson Games), Spree! (Cheapass Games), Atlanteon (Fantasy Flight Games), Living Labyrinth and Toboggans of Doom (Bucephalus Games), Simpsons Clue and Life (Parker Brothers), Draco Mundis (Hazaard/Asmodée), Mario Kart on the Wii, and Lego Batman on the 360.
  • (53:15) Mike thought Agricola (Z-Man Games) had far too many pieces, but had no problem with Power Grid (Rio Grande). He also played Kill Doctor Lucky (Cheapass Games), Carcassonne (Rio Grande), and the RPG Dirty Secrets (Dark Omen Games). Mike talks briefly about World War 5 (Looney Labs), which is now fully reviewed in OgreCave’s review section (

We end with rambling talk of gifts received, and foreshadow our upcoming gaming challenge. Be sure to check out our eighth annual OgreCave Christmas Gift Guide, and fill in your collection with a few belated gifts to yourself.

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