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Unplugged-gaming rants and raves with the OgreCave staff

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May 23, 2008 - Prelaunch jitters, early impressions, and other stuff

With Mike and Allan.

Can you tell work and vacations have delayed us? This show, recorded just prior to the release of D&D 4e, shows our respective frames of mind regarding the launch preparations. With that in mind, Mike checked in with our old co-conspirator Chris Hanrahan to get his thoughts on the new edition. (2:43) A final pass is made through the general failure to properly hype the Fourth Edition launch, both with Chris at (7:40), and with Allan and Mike at (17:10). Toward the end of our D&D discussion (23:34), Mike asks if conversion from one edition to another has been a big deal in the past – Allan’s not that worried. Note the rumor mongering at (34:32).

We talk briefly of the recent Upper Deck layoffs at (35:25) – note the great discussion on our main page – and how some former UD employees already have other projects underway. At (37:29), we are impressed and intrigued once again by the latest Fundable drive by Pagan Publishing and Arc Dream Publishing to get Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity.

Barnes & Noble wants to buy Borders – does this affect gamers much? Actually, it could. (43:51)

From the random musings department, we wonder how an Indiana Jones RPG would do if released today. (45:50)

At about (48:00), Currently Playing kicks in. Allan gives his initial impressions of Dragon Lairds by Margaret Weiss Productions. He also played Lord of the Fries: Third Edition from Steve Jackson Games; 10 Days in Africa, and The Mother Load of Sticky Gulch from Dogtown Games.

Mike played Safari Jack (Cheapass Games), Bohnanza, Power Grid, and ThunderRoad.

Thanks to Chris from for talking 4e with us. Be sure to leave your comments here.

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