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November 9, 2007 - Angry at the calm before the storm

With Mike, Allan, and Steve, as usual.

We bring the hate this episode, and it’s aimed at WotC fluff. After a few words on the StarCraft boardgame (1:35), we worry about impending D&D 4e preview products, and take a big ol’ swing at the severely-mistargeted Dungeon Survival Guide (3:48) and the latest D&D Miniatures expansion, Desert of Desolation (we challenge you identify all the 4e preview figures without help from the internet) (16:18). Inbetween (at 8:30), Mike theorizes that bad previews might be intended to boost sales of future preview products. If so, we’re doubly angry, and we ranted a bit.

In less angry news, Mike tells us about Scandanavian LARP Doubt (20:04) and Zombie Fluxx (27:53), which appears on our 2007 Christmas Gift Guide (Mike also wrote a full review here). Finally, Mike played some Hero’s Banner (30:10), and “went a little gonzo”.

Steve got waylaid by real life and a dead refrigerator, but brought in a Pirates of the Caribbean CSG collectible tin (33:10). At (36:28) Allan got in some Guitar Hero 3, and brought out the dead in his weekly D&D game.

At (38:20) we pimp our seventh annual OgreCave Christmas Gift Guide (complete with new graphic from OC’s art director Colin). At the last minute, Allan mentions his impression of The Simpsons on the Xbox 360 (41:27).

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